The energetic effects
on our instruments.

Our third dimensional reality is dense. Dense enough to give matter a physical form.
Thanks to this density, we’re capable of creating our wonderful instruments. As you might know, everything has a frequency. And so does each and every material.

The choice of material influences the frequency of our instruments.
One material is no better or worse than the other, just a matter of “taste”.

We made this page, to answer your questions about our materials.
We’ll explain to you in depth what we offer, and what it can do for you.

Some materials and minerals on earth are more rare than others. For this reason, some of them are more expensive than others.
The most expensive materials are, of course, gold, platinum and titanium. Sterling silver is still a valuable material, but is less valuable than the previous mentioned materials.
Brass, bronze and stainless steel are the least expensive materials we offer, but still have a remarkable energy.

If you wish to have one of our instruments in a more exclusive material, we’d advise you to contact us. This way we can discuss the possibilities.
Also make sure to read our page about custom made jewelry if you want to have one of our instruments in a more exclusive material.


We 3D print most of our instruments in a certain metal. This is because metals in general, do not only conduct electricity. But also energies from this dimension and higher dimensions.
Of course some metals conduct better than others, and so it is with dimensional energies.
But the kind metal also influences which dimensional energies get conducted. This, however, differs with each instrument.



Brass is (in Dutch) also called yellow copper. Because it is an alloy of copper and zinc and has a yellow golden color. It’s a perfect metal for parts that have to do with a lot of…



Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and has a reddish to yellowish color. It looks a bit like rose gold. It was discovered around 3000 BC and was used for the first time in China, Iran and…



A beautiful red-yellow material that has many applications. It is very electric and heat conductive and pliable. Copper is the main ingredient of the gemstones malachite, azurite…



Gold is a precious metal with a long history. It has the nickname “the King of metals”. This material is widely used for jewelry, but also for aerospace, dentistry and…

Sterling Silver


Silver is a (semi) precious metal that is often used for jewelry. This soft metal is slightly harder than gold. It’s known to mankind since 4000 BC. It was then mainly used as…



Titanium is a lightweight, but a very strong grayish metal. This material is completely hypoallergenic. This means it’s perfect for people who have a metal or copper allergy!


We inlay some of our instruments with a gemstone. Gemstones are special forms of combined minerals that occur in nature.
Usually it takes thousands or millions of years for nature to create these stones.
So they’re natural, ancient products! Some gems are very common in nature, others are extremely rare.

Besides being beautiful, these forms of minerals also carry an energy field and a consciousness.
Every gemstone has healing energies and properties that can support us in our daily lives.
They have their own effect. Sometimes they have overlap or a similar energy field. But they are always unique in their own way.



Carnelian has a grounding, refreshing and cheerful energy. It gives motivation and self-confidence. Besides, it has a positive effect on depression, apathy and confusion. Carnelian attracts success…



Emerald is a beautiful green stone which opens the heart chakra. Unconditional love can flow this way freely. It also enhances your inner power and brings harmony…

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli enhances spiritual energies, spiritual skills and astral traveling. But also enlightenment, wisdom and inner peace. The stone helps to become…



Larimar is a rare sea blue gemstone which can only be found in the Dominic Republic. It’s also known as the Atlantis stone or the Dolphin stone, this is because larimar is…



Malachite is a beautiful green stone which protects you from radiation and pollution. But from accidents and other sources of negative energy as well. It brings emotional balance and…



Shungite is a rare form of carbon which is anthracite gray to deep black. The reason that this form of carbon is so rare is because of its molecular structure. One shungite molecule contains…

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