Physical Properties

Nickel Free
Precious Metal
CompositionTi 90%, Al 6%, V 4%

Production Technique

Titanium is an alloy of Titanium (Ti), Aluminium (Al) and Vanadium (V).
It’s a lightweight, but very strong metal and it’s light greyish in color.

Our Titanium designs are made through the process called: Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Select Laser Melting (SLM).
In short, Titanium powder is fused together by a high-powered laser, layer by layer.

Spiritual Properties

Titanium symbolizes enormous Power and Strength. Therefore, it is connected to the energy of the planet Mars.
Because of its enormous power, it protects very well against negative energies. It balances the environment and clears even Electrosmog.

Titanium can be symbolically seen as a prism. It can bring a wide spectrum of light and energy to your aura. This way it will balance your energies.
It works perfect against fears and panic attacks. So it also strengthens your emotional body.
Even on a physical level it has an effect on the human body. Titanium relieves pain and balances the body.

Care Instructions

  • Try to avoid water contact. Do not wear jewelry during the dishes, shower or swimming.
  • Avoid contact with cleaning products. Cleaning products can contain corrosive chemicals which can harm your jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with perfums, lotions, make up or any other products in this family.
  • Take care when dressing and undressing. Put jewelry on last, or take it off first.
  • Do not lift heavy objects while wearing your ring, it might damage your ring.

Suitable for

Titanium is a lightweight, hard, fully hypoallergenic metal and is suitable for everyday wear.

People with a copper allergy or any kind of metal allergy, can safely wear this metal.



After printing, it gets blasted with aluminium oxide abrasive to achieve a rough matte look.


After printing, it gets blasted with aluminium oxide abrasive and then blasted with glass beads.
This makes the surface slightly reflective.

Used for

We use Titanium for: Custom Requests, such as Pendants and Rings.

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