Titanium is a lightweight but very strong metal. It’s light greyish in color. One of the best properties of this metal, is that it’s completely hypoallergenic.
Perfect for people who have a metal or copper allergy! This is of course the reason it is used for surgical implants as well.

The titanium as we know it, is an alloy of titanium, aluminum and vanadium. This material was only released by the American government in 1988.
Before that time only the government was allowed to use this material. They used it mainly for the air force. Since it’s so light weight and yet extremely strong.

But this metal also has a huge effect on an energetic level. It symbolizes enormous power and strength. Therefore, it is connected to the energy of the planet Mars.
Because of its enormous power, it protects very well against negative energies. It balances the environment and clears even Electrosmog.

Titanium can be symbolically seen as a prism. It can bring a wide spectrum of light and energy to your aura. This way it will balance your energies.
It works perfect against fears and panic attacks. So it also strengthens your emotional body.
Even on a physical level it has an effect on our bodies. Titanium relieves pain and balances the body.

The 3D printing technique for this material is different than for the other metals.
This ensures that the finish is a bit rougher, but very detailed.

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