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Discover our Sacred Jewelry
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Our awesome products can be ordered and delivered around the world.
But sometimes it just feels better, to see and touch them in a store before purchasing them.
Because selecting them from pictures only, can sometimes be a challenge.

We have multiple stockists all over the world.
In those stores* you can see, feel and hold our products before you make your final decision.

Find your nearest store and experience them in real life!
* Please note that we only have our full collection at our online store.

Stores in the Netherlands

Spirit In Style - Sales Points Sacred Creation

Spirit in Style

Lange Hezelstraat 27-29
6511CB Nijmegen

Kristalpunt Zimarron - Sales Points Sacred Creation

Kristalpunt Zimarron

On appointment

Website is coming soon

De Werfeling Utrecht

De Werfeling

Oudegracht aan de werf 163
3511 AK Utrecht

Artisan Gifts

Artisan Gifts


Stores in Hong Kong

Gaia Holistic Living - Sales Points Sacred Creation

GAIA Holistic Living

Room 1813
Wellborne Commercial Building
8 Java Road
North Point
Hong Kong

Your (web)shop?

Want to become a Stockist too? Awesome!
You can register via our wholesale contact form.

Have some other questions for us? Contact us here. We’re always listening!

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