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Would you like to be our next retailer, just like the other shops? Awesome!
Make sure to tell something about yourself and your company. So we can get a clear picture of who you and your company are.

If our company has a match with yours, then we’re in business!
We are looking forward to work with you!



How can I register as a Wholesale account?

First, fill out the registration form on this page. In the meantime, you can create an account on our website.
If we accept you as a retailer, we will then upgrade your account to a Wholesale account.

Do you have a Wholesale price list?

Log in with your Wholesale account to download the wholesale price list here.

Do you have a minimum order amount to get Wholesale prices?

No, we don’t have a minimum order amount.
But we do have a minimum order quantity of 3 pieces for our clothing.

From what amount do I get a bulk discount?

We have a default wholesale discount, from 1-9 pieces per product variation.

Besides you will get an extra bulk discount from 10-25 pieces on most products. This only applies to the same product variation within 1 order.

Can I order products in the material Gold?

Yes, you can order our products in 9K, 14K or 18K solid gold.

Can I split/merge my order(s)?

If you wish to split your order, just place two separate orders.
Once you’ve placed your order, we can’t split it anymore.

However, our manufacturer Shapeways does offer the option to add items later to your order. Please do note that your entire order will be delayed if you add new items to your order.

Where can I subscribe to the wholesale newsletter?

Log in with your Wholesale account to subscribe to our Wholesale Newsletter.

What are the shipping prices for Wholesale?

If you are logged in as a Wholesale customer, you can find the shipping prices on our Shipping page.

Do you provide dropshipping?

We do not offer a full dropshipping service, but you may change the shipping address for each order.


Can I still return products as a wholesale customer?

If you wish to return products you’ve purchased as a wholesaler you can contact the manufacturer where you’ve bought our products:


May I use product information or photos of Sacred Creation on our own website?

Without written permission from us, you may not use photos or information of Sacred Creation and our products.

In case you wish to use it, for example for retail or promotion, contact us to ask for permission.

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