Physical Properties

CategoryCarbonate mineral
Zodiac SignTaurus


Malachite symbolizes the lush and verdant hues of nature in full bloom. It’s a beautiful green gemstone with many different hues of green.

This gemstone gets its green colors mostly from the mineral copper, which is the main ingredient of this gemstone. It is found almost everywhere around the world and is therefore mined a lot. Especially in the past.

The first mine was found in Britain, known as the Great Orme Mines, which is approximately 3,800 years old. They used nothing more than stone and bone tools to mine Malachite.
800 years later, they discovered a way to obtain the copper by smelting it and use the copper for tools.

The Ancient Egyptians ground Malachite, just like Lapis Lazuli, to powder. It was then used for makeup, paintings and other ancient relics.
The Ancient Mayans used it for the death mask of the Red Queen of Palenque.

Spiritual Properties

Malachite can protect you from all kinds of radiation and pollution. But also from accidents and other sources of negative energy and danger.
You can see it as a guardian stone, protecting your heart and body. Letting all the positive energies flow in, and let the negative out.

It’s a perfect stone for new relationships. But most of all, to bring change in your life.
Just like mother nature does, who sheds her leafs in the winter. Then, completely starts with a fresh start in Spring.
As you might expect, Malachite has a deep connection with Gaia.

In addition, this gemstone offers you also the gift of Wisdom.
The wisdom to know the difference between abundance of the spirit and physical abundance.

It also brings emotional balance and stability. It reduces fear and surfaces suppressed feelings. For this reason, it makes it possible to make positive changes. So you can release blockages and negative behavior patterns.

Malachite is very suitable for women. It has a positive effect on the female genitals and (pre)menstrual problems. But also female sexual problems, especially emotional or traumatic problems. Expecting a baby? Malachite supports during childbirth.

Care Instructions

  • Try to avoid water contact. Do not wear jewelry during the dishes, shower or swimming.
  • Avoid contact with cleaning products. Cleaning products can contain corrosive chemicals which can harm your jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with perfums, lotions, make up or any other products in this family.
  • Take care when dressing and undressing. Put jewelry on last, or take it off first.
  • Do not lift heavy objects while wearing your ring, it might damage your ring.

Energetic Care

Gemstones need to be cleaned and purified often since they absorb negative energies from the surroundings and the user(s).
Not all gemstones can be cleaned the same way, since some stones can get physically damaged if you use the wrong method.

You can clean Malachite by placing it in Sunlight, Moonlight or by placing it in a bowl of uncooked rice.
Other methods you can use are using the Tibetan singing bowl, placing it in a Geode, placing it near Selenite or Smudge it with Sage or Palo Santo Wood (Holy Wood).

Used for

We use Malachite as an inlay for Bracelets.

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