Sterling Silver

Physical Properties

Nickel Free
Precious Metal
CompositionAg 93%, Cu 4%, Zn 3%

Production Technique

Sterling Silver is an alloy of Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) and has a white color.
Even though it’s a precious metal, Sterling silver can “rust” (tarnish). Also known as oxidation. If it oxidizes, it gets a thin black layer. This is due to the copper in the alloy.

Our Silver designs are made through the process called: wax 3D printing and lost-wax casting.
In short, it’s a combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional jewelry crafting.

Spiritual Properties

Silver conducts (high) dimensional energies and frequencies very well.
The energy of this metal is connected to our Moon and Sea.

It enhances the high sensitivity and it symbolizes purity. So silver is very suitable material for healers and energy workers.
This remarkable metal is dedicated to the Greek Goddess Artemis. She symbolizes Femininity and Strength.

Care Instructions

  • Try to avoid water contact. Do not wear jewelry during the dishes, shower or swimming.
  • Avoid contact with cleaning products. Cleaning products can contain corrosive chemicals which can harm your jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with perfums, lotions, make up or any other products in this family.
  • Take care when dressing and undressing. Put jewelry on last, or take it off first.
  • Do not lift heavy objects while wearing your ring, it might damage your ring.

When Sterling silver oxidizes, it gets a thin black layer. This usually happens when you’re not wearing your jewelry for some time. Friction with your skin and clothes prevents the oxidization layer to become visible.

To remove the tarnishing, you can use a soft (polishing) cloth and rub the tarnishing off. This will achieve a like-new surface.

Suitable for

Sterling silver is a soft, skin-friendly metal and is suitable for everyday wear.
People with a copper allergy, can experience allergic reactions of the skin due to the copper in the alloy.

If this happens to be you, we advise you to choose a fully hypoallergenic metal such as Titanium or Platinum.


Raw Silver Pendant

The Raw finish includes filing and very light polishing to achieve a rough surface texture.

Sterling Silver

The Polished finish includes hand-polishing to achieve a smooth and shiny surface.

Sterling Silver Blackened Atlantis Ring

The Blackened finish includes hand-polishing and an oxidized layer of Sterling Silver on recessed areas.
This gives the Sterling Silver a beautiful looking contrast.
The blackening is a thin layer of oxidation. But since it’s only in recessed areas, it won’t be prone to wear.
We therefore we advise this finish for daily wear.

Used for

We use Sterling Silver for: Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants & Rings

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