Emerald is a beautiful green stone which is part of the Beryl group.
Most emeralds are not so expensive as you might think.
The ones that are transparent and have a pure verdant green color. They are rare, and thus expensive.

This stone opens the heart chakra, so unconditional love can flow freely.
It enhances your inner power and brings harmony.

Emerald brings inner insights and wisdom. This way, you can break old (deep) patterns and transform them from negative to positive.

In times of crisis it will show you new directions and possibilities.
Of course, it also has a positive effect on the physical body. Mainly the skin, eyes and sight. But certainly the blood circulation, the muscles and the nervous system as well.

Emerald has been used for thousands of years by mankind. This natural material was mined for the first time in Ancient Egypt on Mount Smaragdus. In Dutch, we call this stone Smaragd. Hence the name.
This stone was used as a healing stone. But also for its beauty as a precious gemstone.
In many cultures, it symbolizes power, immortality and eternal youth.

The history of Emerald

The ancient Greeks (800 – 250 B.C.) associated this stone with the God Hermes. He was the messenger of the Gods. For them, the stone meant the truth and eloquence.
The Romans (600 B.C. – 500 A.D.) dedicated this stone to the Goddess of love, Venus. The color green was associated with spring and life force.

Emerald is also appreciated by the Ancient Egyptians. Just like carnelian.
There is even a legend with this stone. It’s called the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Thoth is the Egyptian God of Magic and writing.
The legend says, that he wrote all the rules of our Universe on these stone tablets.

For this reason, alchemists kept studying those tablets. In the hope to find a way to turn any material in gold.

Emerald resonates with the heart (4th) chakra.

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