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  1. I would truly like to find something in the way of discussion about guidance related to sacred geometry as in relation to morals, values, ethics, justice, and so forth besides what it’s history supposedly has been and that we must wait to rediscover lost connections. I’ve yet to find anything that really gets into the down and dirty of it all to make me want to grasp onto it like some sort of god connection. If anyone knows of commentary links or such articles about what I’ve mentioned I’d appreciate them – especially those discussing higher god, entities or other beings involved with it that could lead to more reassurance to hang a hat on in faith. It’s all very intriguing and amazing to see all kinds of patterns and sounds and images inherent in nature doing and presumably causing such incredible things but even with the many demos I’ve seen I have to say there seems to be something missing in the way of any reliable guidance. Certainly if there is no sense of justice from following anything, the “sacred” whatever can lead to doubt. After all the message the very word “sacred” implies imparting or showing a better way of being for us mortals. Religions of course all suffer from disappointment in this regard quite often and there seems to be no difference with Sacred Geometry on superficial evaluation. If there is nothing we can look to for transcendence that is more than random faith, we must ask ourselves if it really is just another shot in the dark, albeit a marvelous one. Does it really matter what we or anyone does in this world if all there is with it is amazing phenomenon devoid of anything godlike. Sacred Geometry certainly can’t be held to any implied promises no more than any religion but one has to believe at this point that despite it’s having a lot of promise, it may only deliver a temporary better mousetrap for the soul.

    • Thank you for you comment and interesting questions!

      Does it really matter what we or anyone does in this world if all there is with it is amazing phenomenon devoid of anything godlike.

      Good question! Yes it does matter, at least for me it does. Nature and the Universe simply exist, and will continue on to exist to infinity. Whether people find it meaningless or very meaningful. I believe it is up to us as a human being to give meaning to something, and we do so automatically and emotionally. Because we do so, we can experience more emotions and thus life.

      We’re constantly creating our own experiences, our own realities for that matter. And it’s up to us how we respond to this. Which to me, sounds quite Godlike.
      A good example of us creating and changing reality, is the Observer Effect and the double-slit experiment in Quantum Physics.

      • Sebastiaan, I wish you had started with the circle. It’s the first symbol of sacred geometry and represents the divine, All That Is, and existence. When we realize that we and all life is connected to divinity and we are all ilnked with and to one another, we have the basis of ethics and morality: the Golden Rule: what I do to you, I do to myself. God is All That Is and the Source of a creation and not the humanized, fear-loving creature religions created to keep us in-line and keep us tithing. Remember that our Source is pure love without judgment and we are sparks of Source experiencing our individualized human existences. ❤

        • Thank you for your wonderful addition on the circle!
          The circle is indeed very important and powerful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Steve Jaubert. To understand how sacred geometry relates to ethics, morals, values, justice, etc… is found in the celestial geometry of your birth sequence. Location, time, and date of your birth. Obviously different for every individual. We are all our own creators and directly connected with source. However “free will” is the #1 law of the universe and this explains duality and the variables. If your interest is to make or see changes then yo< guide is Law Of Attraction. LOA can guide you to an alignment with source by way changing the frequency at which you resonate. Everything in our universe is energy and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency.

  3. Thanks you very much for your explanation. You have enlighten me .Thanks.

    • Thank you for this content. I appreciate this greatly. I really resonated with the vesica Pisces page.

  4. On a conscious level these observations of 3rd dimension through Sacred Geometry is really rich. What also separates human consciuoseness from the rest of nature is exemplified in the Biblical narrative scenario of Adam and Eva and the Tree of knowledge (which is not the same as the tree of life) in the garden of Eden (which means One). This extra human being feature is the Subconscious Realm. Now, to me, and I am in no way gifted nor nurtured in the higher temples of learning, but the term Sacred Geometry implies applicability to the Subconscious and since much of religiosity implies influence in that area of the human psyche I get the impression
    that DNA Sacred Geometry could lead us to the Creator.

  5. What a perfect piece of writing, it really covered it all.
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    Well done and thanks for sharing

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