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golden ratio

The golden section, Golden Ratio, Golden Mean, Divine Proportion, Phi, φ, are all names for the same, a ratio. And what about Fibonacci? That resembles it, but it is not the same thing.

The Golden Ratio is the ratio A (the largest part) / B (the smallest part) = (A + B) / A = φ

Phi(φ) is an infinite number, without a repetitive pattern (so completely random), comparable to Pi (π). Rounded off this number is φ; 1.61803398875… or also known as 5^0.5 x 0.5 + 0.5.

So what can we do with that number? You can see it as a division. Suppose we have a line of 2 cm that we are going to divide with this ratio. The largest piece (A) becomes 2/φ = 1,236… What remains of this is piece B, so 2 – 1,236 = 0,763…

With this ratio we can make a spiral. This spiral can continue indefinitely, both smaller and larger. Theoretically, this spiral has no beginning and no end.

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