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  1. Thanks for your detailed information, I appreciate how much you put into it.

  2. Thank You!

  3. I have discovered the vesica piscis embedded in the Roswell Rock geometry. If you are interested let me know.

    • Hi Gil,

      We’re certainly interested! Send us a message with your discovery!

    • Hey man, I can’t believe I found this site! I’ve been seeing this too and have been looking at different stuff. I have been seeing this in all the Egyptian wall reliefs and statues. I would love to compare notes, maybe there is something everyone is missing. The thing that I discovered the most fascinating is the odd pock marks on the walls, they are actually mostly in exactly all the right places for using a drawing compass or dividers. They are not mistakes, weathering, or damage. I also think thats why the noses broke off most reliefs is because they got so worn from repeatedly placing the tool there that they had to add the part on later to hide the use as a benchmark. So therefore the noses would originally have been cured mason added and not apart of the original material, rock, stone ,ect.

      • Excellent. Thanks!

  4. The math sequence you describe is not the Fibonacci series which is 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 and so on averaging proportion of any pair of sequential numbers to 1to 1.618…. which is the Golden Section.
    I and one other sculptor have discovered the 3D version of the Vesica Picis which forms a crescent moon of Isis.This 3D form defies being drawn even in the best CAD modelling programmes like SolidWorks. So simple yet so complex that it consumed a PhD level paper at a recent math conference.

    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I believe we described the Binary sequence and mentioned the Fibonacci sequence. We described the Fibonacci sequence in our other blog.

      And interesting to hear about the 3D version of the Vesica Piscis. I believe the 3D version is as simple as 2 spheres intersecting each other. Do you know a different approach to create the 3D version of the Vesica Piscis?

      • I made a 3D image out of 2 identical transparent spheres. Must cut them in correct place. Looks like a flying saucer. Hmmmmmm?

  5. Your article is very impressive, the nature is created according to laws, by God. Mathematics reveals some of them.

  6. Good article but the bit on the Ichthys isn’t a mystery or even a coincidence. The fish was a secret symbol for early Christians who had to keep their beliefs hidden. The anagram was deliberately chosen.

  7. Thanks for the blog. I am interested in buying this silver piece and it has this sacred geometry on it. goldenstatemint.com/1-oz-Vesica-Piscis-MiniMintage-Proof-Silver-Round.html

  8. Hello,

    I am drawn to the angelic flower crystal grid and would love to buy it. Do you ship to new Zealand, and what would the total cost be? Also, are you able to please send me a couple more pictures of this beautiful piece, so that I can better see its dimensions etc. Thanks so much, Beth

  9. I woke up with this Symbol on my stomach, it lasted for an hour and then completely disappeared. I have no knowledge of how or why it happened. I have a photo.
    It had perfect conjoined circles just like the above photos. I am perplexed.

    • Wow that’s amazing! Did it hurt when you touched it? Did you feel anything energetically?

  10. Good morning to you ,my name is Leonora and I am a sacred celebrant trained in Glastombury England and just yesterday I was at the beutifull chalice well in the gardens of Avalon. I have to say thankyou so much for the information you have shared it is a font of knowledge that you have shared and it has got me more exited for the journey I will take with the sacred training already recieved. Love a and light ro you and yours.

  11. Great information. Very insightful content!

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