Mary Magdalene

mary magdalene

Mary Magdalene is a woman who symbolizes Divine Female Leadership in Health, Prosperity, Spirituality and Unconditional Love. A force that has long been misunderstood, suppressed, and vilified.

We also mention her in our blog about the Vesica Piscis. She plays a very important role in history, which is greatly misunderstood. But the subtle hints give away her important role. In our blog we explain a few of these subtle hints.

The power she symbolizes, is a power that we collectively need in this time of transformation. Partly to restore balance and heal the collective wounds. But also to put the feminine energy in our self in its power. Besides, this will also restore the balance between masculine and feminine energy in our self. These designs connect with Mary Magdalene her energy field and gives you a boost to be in your power.

The real story about Mary Magdalene

Many stories about Mary Magdalene have been negatively rewritten by various churches and writers. The real stories are ignored and forgotten.

Thankfully, the real truth of her is slowly coming to light again. In contrast to what the Churches say, she was a High Priestess. She studied the ancient alchemy of the ancient Egyptians in Egypt and India. Just like Jeshua! But not only that, she also had enormous knowledge about healing, herbalism and essential oils as well. Besides, she was also financially rich.

She and Jeshua were equals to each other and had unconditional love for each other. Just like Jeshua, she was a great spiritual leader with followers (disciples) with a lot of knowledge and strength. She made it financially possible for the both of them, to share their knowledge and love with others. A beautiful balance between male and female energy. An example for the world. Which gave some people fear in those days.

After the crucifixion of Jeshua, Mary went to southern France to pass on her knowledge to others. There she got the name “Mary Lucifera” or “Mary the Light-bringer”. For the ancient Romans Lucifer means, bringer of light. Or also called “Morning Star”. The Morning Star is also known as the planet Venus (female power). The Goddesses whom bring the light had the power to open the body and the mind to the holy light. In other words, to spiritually enlighten others.

The Design

The design of the Magdalene collection originated from the Flower of Life. This is the same sacred geometry we use for the Angelic Star Pendant. The geometry of this design contains some particular “coincidences” that we came across after designing.

For example, the (outside) shape is very similar to the shape of the Mandorla (part of the Vesica Piscis). Which symbolizes pure women (creation) power and the Yoni. In short, Yoni means Holy passage in Sanskrit. A portal for souls to the material world.

Even more remarkable is that the symbol of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, the fish. The fish is reflected in the geometry of this design. More about this symbol can be read in our blog about the Vesica Piscis.

But even when we place an image of Mary over the design, it matches exactly! All intersections of the design correspond with her body, chakras and aura. An amazing coincidence!

We deliver the earrings and pendant with a linen jewelry pouch. Ready to give as a gift!

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