We Design Awesome Sacred Geometry Products & Sacred Jewelry

we design awesome
sacred geometry
products & sacred jewelry


unique designs

We Design unique products.
With Sacred Geometry.

We plant Trees

we plant trees

One Product = One Tree
Shop with us and we plant trees.


your spiritual path

We can give you a boost on
your Amazing Spiritual Path.

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Powerful with a high Vibration.
That's what our Sacred Jewelry is.

Sacred Geometry Home Decor

sacred geometry
home decor

Now you can "dress" your home.
With our Sacred Products.

what our customers
say about us

  • Soul Star Pendant - 18K Gold Plated Brass
    I was lucky to win this pendant. It's stunning. Really decent size and very well made. Very impressed with everything for Sacred Creation. Wonderful company/seller.
    Soul Star Pendant
  • Sri Yantra Ring
    Nina H.06/12/2021
    The ring is very special and beautifully handcrafted
    Sri Yantra Ring
  • Guardian of Gaia - Gold Plated Brass
    Riven Beebee16/11/2021
    For me this pendant represent the bridge between heaven and earth, it has wings around a stable point. It carries the qualities of grounded intelligence, sensitivity and sacredness. Thank you Sacred Creation, I absolutely love it ❤️
    Guardian of Gaia Pendant
  • Guardian of Gaia - Gold Plated Brass
    Deze hanger doet echt wat met mij.....n diepe laag in mij wordt aangeraakt....nieuwe verbindingen/lijnen werden gelegd toen ik met deze hanger in mijn hand me ging afstemmen, lichttaal stroomde door mijn handen op het papier en via lijf en klank......
    Guardian of Gaia Pendant
  • Mary Magdalene Wooden Earrings
    Ik vind ze prachtig......voelt licht aan qua materiaal ........Nu nog meer verbonden met Maria Magdalena, zeer voelbaar, ben benieuwd wat ze me nog meer gaan brengen
    Mary Magdalene Wooden Earrings
  • Magdalene Grid Hoodie Black
    I love this jumper! it's gorgeous, amazing quality, so soft and cozy! it makes me feel really calm whenever I wear it...which is pretty much all the time! I will definitely be buying another one very soon 🙂
    Magdalene Grid Unisex Hoodie
  • Concious Crystal - Gold Plated Brass
    MARIOS ROUSSINOS03/11/2021
    Amazing details, fine constructed, polished metal!
    Conscious Crystal Pendant
  • Concious Crystal - Gold Plated Brass
    Beautiful and just what I wanted, thank you!
    Conscious Crystal Pendant
  • Metatron Cube Dodecahedron Art Wallpaper
    Love seeing my sacred geometry everyday. Reminds me of what surrounds us in our world.
    Metatron Cube Dodecahedron Wallpaper
  • Mary Magdalene Grid Unisex T-shirt - Anthracite
    Magdalene Grid Unisex T-shirt
  • Concious Crystal - Gold Plated Brass
    Absolutely stunning detail. I look forward to the experience wearing it. Many thanks!
    Conscious Crystal Pendant
  • Custom Design Jewelry - Sacred Geometry
    Jochem van Hessen07/09/2021
    Protected: Custom Design Jewelry

the faces
of our company

We’re a small (and young) team of Sacred Geometry Experts.
We design awesome Sacred Geometry Products to give you a boost on your amazing spiritual path.
And our story? Our story starts with a Crop Circle.

Sebastiaan Fiolet
Sebastiaan Fiolet
Founder, Designer & Sacred Geometry Expert

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Julie Pardoel
Julie Pardoel
Pricing Coordinator, Wholesale Manager & Makeup Artist

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