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  • Twin Souls and Soulmates

    Twin souls and Soulmates: what’s the difference?

    We are all connected to each other with our hearts. The idea that we are all one is also called Unity Consciousness. Despite that unity, there are still special connections between people, souls. These are also called twin soul connections or soulmate connections. There is, so to speak, a special match between those souls, which [...] More
  • What makes Sacred Geometry so Sacred?

    What makes Sacred Geometry so sacred?

    Geometry is just geometry, isn't it? Why is there a distinction between geometries? What makes Sacred Geometry so sacred? In mathematics you can go in any direction with geometry, but every geometrical figure is created from a base. Actually, everything originates from a certain basis. Sacred geometry is the basis of everything that is. Everything? [...] More
  • Vesica Piscis Emoticons

    A lot of knowledge in two circles: The Vesica Piscis – Sacred Geometry

    Yep. This whole blog is about two circles. But not just two circles. They overlap and we give it a difficult name: Vesica Piscis! Doesn't sound very exciting, I know. But they contain so much sacred geometry that we can fill a whole blog with it. It's also the first sacred geometric figure to emerge [...] More
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