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  1. Wonderful guides for Mankind

  2. Lovely, ive really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing understanding, and all of your enthusiasm.

  3. could you assist me
    i have a radius 1
    i have a diameter 2
    i have a circumference of a circle 6
    i have a sphere made from this
    i want to place a tetrahedron inside this sphere
    what length would the three sides of the tetrahedron be
    what height would my tetrahedron be

    • Assuming the Tetrahedron would touch the surface of the sphere, each side of the Tetrahedron would be 1.63299316 long.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Common mistake in that the Icosahedron pictured here is not actually an icosahedron. As the inverse of the dodecahedron, it’s substantially more complex. What you have is an octahedron with a triangle on the front of it. The correctly drawn icosahedron will have only one equilateral triangle, the one facing directly at the artist or viewer. the three triangles bordering on it should be isosceles triangles, as should all other triangles on the icosahedron. I’m seeing this error all over the web, and I think that we would be doing humanity a favor if we could correct it en masse as often as possible. Every time it’s posted incorrectly, it will be copied incorrectly and for those studying the platonic solids holistically, it will lead to an incomplete understanding, especially with regard to the inverse nature of the icosahderon and dodecahderon. It’s also impossible to see the merging of the two (into the soccerball) without understanding the correct icosahedron. Appreciate this work, your animations are great. I’m going to put a pinterest image in the website field so you can see what I’m talking about. Notice how the vertices on this one are different from the ones on your animation.

    • George Leoniak of Knew Geometry is making this correction. He adds phi ratio circles inside the seed of like and this new template gives the intersection points for corrected Icosahedron and dodecahedron and all platonic solids from a variety of view points. It is really incredible. Search George Leoniak Knew Geometry. He has many youtubes on the subject.

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