Yahyel Pendant

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  • Represents Harmonic Integration
  • Can be worn as a type of ‘Energy-Statement’
  • The 3 circles refer to: Body, Mind and Soul
  • Oneness of our existence
  • Made of 3D Printed Brass or Sterling Silver
  • Inlaid with Sakota Emerald


The Yahyel Pendant is the physical representation of a channeled symbol. This symbol was first transmitted in 2017 by Arjun of the Yahyel. Arjun has introduced himself as being an ET-hybrid. His loving messages have been received since 2015 by an international audience, through the translations of Wieteke Koolhof.

With a designer-background, it was effortless for Wieteke to draw this design – after Arjun first showed it to her in a dream.
Soon after this occurred, she approached us with the sketch. We took care of the practical implementation, in the form of this unique Cosmic Yahyel Pendant.

The meaning of the symbol of the Yahyel Pendant

Both design and color have meaning here. The fundamental message of this symbol is the “harmonic integration” in our human lives, of information coming from “Above” / a higher dimension.
The Yahyel pendant can be worn as a type of ‘energy-statement’ – indicating one would like to see more of this in their own lives, and additionally for the collective (in their version of reality).


The 3 circles refer to those 3 ancient perspectives we know as: Body, Mind and Soul. All of them come together elegantly in the pyramid shape. This in turn, represents the all-encompassing Oneness of our existence and a balanced anchoring of these three elements in the Physical.

The pyramid shape is the most stable form in our physical dimension; and thus represents a lasting construction and/or stable support. The upper point represents reaching out to the ethereal and non-physical (information coming from the higher dimensions). The solid broad foundation between the two lower points, represents anchoring this knowledge in a practical and grounded way in our version of reality.

You will notice that many people who (also) have this desire at their core; will spontaneously feel attracted to the Yahyel Pendant, or will ask the wearer about its meaning.
The green color refers to the heart chakra – representing, among other things; unconditional love, wisdom and awareness.

Green (Sakota) Emerald

The interior of the pyramid shape of the Yahyel Pendant has been expertly inlaid with a mix of resin and green Emerald between the silver lines of all 3 circles joining.

The History of Emerald

Emerald has been a source of fascination and worship in many cultures for over six thousand years. In ancient Egypt, next to being a favorite jewel of Queen Cleopatra – the crystal was considered a symbol of eternal life and as being a gift from Thoth, the god of wisdom. The Incas made frequent use of this crystal in their sacred objects.
In all major religions, the emerald was revered for its spiritual power and beauty.

Spiritual significance of Emerald

The emerald has been known as a crystal supporting the development of “clear vision” – both physical and intuitive. It promotes daring to have big (innovative) ideas and to being open to (divine) inspiration. In addition, it enhances mental energy and clarity and combines intelligence with discernment. But above all, the stone brings – in a loving way – to consciousness; that which is known unconsciously. Emerald increases focus and intention, and has been said to support the development of clairvoyance.


Everyone has energetic cross-connections with Extraterrestrials (ETs) and/or other multidimensional guides on a higher level, from the Over-Soul. The Yahyel pendant is a wonderful tool & permission slip for gaining more Awareness regarding these cross-connections.

The specially designed shape and choice of Green Emerald fits perfectly with this desire. The pendant thus becomes a kind of ‘anchoring’ in the physical of the wish for more a tangible integration of ET contact. Both energetically and also on Earth (through Disclosure).

A final word from the Yahyel

The YahYel remind us that when we experience energetic benefits through the use of certain physical objects, rituals etc. That these benefits are then ALWAYS and only; the result of our own beliefs regarding what is possible for us; in our version of reality.

They share this symbol with us out of unconditional love and joy. There are no expectations attached to it. You can play with this however you want. Therefore, you absolutely do not have to ‘believe’ in ETs to enjoy this pendant.

Again; at its basis, it simply stands for ‘harmonic integration’. For you that may be about love, starting a new chapter in your life, or a simple wish for more inner balance. All that matters to us – is that you enjoy this unique piece of jewelry in your own way.

What’s in the box?

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Sterling Silver

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Jewelry Pouch Lots of Love

Extra Info

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 33 × 36,8 × 5,6 mm
Material Brass, 925 Sterling silver
Inlay Emerald
Finishing Polished

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