Voronoi Ring – Show Model

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  • Inspired by Nature
  • Each cell is looking for its nearest neighbor, the shortest path, and the tightest fit
  • All is One, One is All
  • Durable and Strong
  • Made of 3D Printed Brass
  • Inlaid with Shungite
  • Show Model
  • Ultrasonic cleaned


A unique new ring design with the Voronoi Diagram. But what is a Voronoi Diagram? This diagram is a complex mathematical model. Which does nothing more then dividing a surface into several planes. Even though it may sound difficult, this is something that Mother Nature can do best like no other!

To explain how a Voronoi Diagram works, is quite complex. But it does have certain rules. These rules are all about efficiency, something Nature loves.
Each cell is looking for its nearest neighbor, the shortest path, and the tightest fit. With this in mind, a voronoi diagram can be made.

Voronoi in Nature

Just like the Fibonacci sequence and fractals, the voronoi diagram can be found in nature. For example, the spots of a giraffe or the wings of insects. But also the shield of a turtle, leaf cells and dried up river beds. These are just a few examples of how nature β€œuses” this mathematical model.

The beautiful thing about voronoi, is that each plane is different in shape and size. Despite that fact, it still fits nicely together. And that without having the feeling of a disturbance in the rhythm of the pattern.

We believe this is something we as species should embrace. Every human being is different. And yet, we all belong to each other.
All is one, one is all.

How we make the Voronoi Ring

We make the Voronoi Ring of 3D printed brass, combined with the gemstone Shungite.

Shungite is a rare form of carbon which can only be found in Russia. This stone is approximately 600 million years old.
Besides its age, it has a very grounding and protecting energy. In addition, this stone detoxifies and cleanses the aura.

We deliver this ring with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 7,8 mm
Material Brass
Inlay Shungite
Finishing Raw

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