Timeline Ring – Outlet

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  • Inspired by Parallel Timelines, Quantum Leaping/Jumping and the Mandela effect
  • Helps you to choose your Timeline or Reality
  • Hand Polished
  • Made of 3D Printed Gold Plated Brass
  • Discontinued model

quantum and parallel

Time traveling and visiting different timelines is something that keeps many people busy. Most people see this as fantasy and impossible. But in reality, this is something we do a billion times per second.

In our Universe, time doesn’t exist. It’s something we invented, because it seems like it exists. Despite the fact that time seems to be a fixed unit, time flows differently elsewhere in the Universe. Mainly near blackholes, where the gravity is so strong that it bends light. But it doesn’t only bend light, but time as well. This is just a small example of why time is not a fixed unit.

Why time doesn’t exist

The real reason why time doesn’t exist, is because there is only NOW. Every possible timeline, reality or dimension exists and is happening at the very same time, now. Same goes for “past” lives, they’re happening at the very same time. The only thing we do, is we switch reality a billion times per second. But all those realities we switch through, are very similar. As a result, it feels like we’re flowing through time.
Once we fully master our consciousness and become enlightened, we can switch to a completely different timeline or reality whenever we want to. It will look like we’ve switched to a completely different timeline, or that we have time traveled. This is what we call Quantum Leaping.

Mandela Effect and Timelines

This switching of timelines, is also something we can do collectively. That’s what the Mandela effect is. We collectively chose to experience a different timeline, all together, because it is more beneficial for us as species. This happened multiple times. And some people still have memories of that other timeline we switched from. This happened to a large group of people, somewhere in 2010. They clearly remembered that Nelson Mandela, died in prison in 1980’s.

They all had the same memory about the news items on television and the newspapers, his funeral and the powerful speech of his wife. According to the memories of these people, riots broke lose in South Africa shortly after his death. Hence the name of this bizarre phenomenon. This effect did not only occur with the death of Nelson Mandela. This happened with other events as well! Large groups of people share the same memories of a parallel timeline.

How we make the Timeline Ring

The design of the Timeline ring is inspired by parallel timelines, quantum leaping/jumping and the Mandela effect. Every (time)line of this ring has its own unique flow. Sometimes it’s quite similar to the other ones, sometimes they’re completely different. It’s up to you to choose which line you will follow.

We make the Timeline Ring of 3D printed 18K Gold plated Brass.
We deliver this ring with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 18 mm
Material Gold plated brass

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