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  • Symbols are based on the UFO crash of Roswell in July, 1947
  • Made of 3D Printed Sterling Silver
  • Inlaid with charcoal
  • Discontinued model

roswell ring

According to many eyewitnesses, a UFO crashed near Roswell in the desert (Area 51) around July 1947. Due to this crash, all kinds of fragments of the UFO were spread over an area. The area was approximately 1.5 kilometers long and hundreds of meters wide. One of these fragments contained all kinds of symbols. These symbols were glowing purple / violet light.

The cover-up story of the Roswell Incident

Despite all the eyewitnesses, the US army brought as a statement it wasn’t a UFO but a “US Air Force surveillance balloon” that crashed. Gradually, more and more former militants and former CIA agents are telling the actual story.
One of the most remarkable stories is the story of Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr. He was one of the first to arrive at the crash site and this was his statement:

“There were just fragments strewn all over the area, an area about three quarters of a mile long and several hundred feet wide. So we proceeded to pick up the parts. I tried to bend the stuff, it would not bend. I even tried to burn it; it would not burn. That stuff weighs nothing. It’s not any thicker than tin foil in a pack of cigarettes. We even tried making a dent in it with a 15-pound sledge hammer, still no dent in it. One thing I was certain of, being familiar with all our activities, that it was not a weather balloon, nor an aircraft, nor a missile. It was something else, and we don’t know what it was.”

He brought one these fragments home and showed it to his wife and 11 year old son. It was an I-beam, as light as aluminum and had remarkable violet colored symbols on the inside.

How we make the Roswell Ring

The symbols we use in this ring are based upon the descriptions of Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr. and other eyewitnesses.

We make the Roswell Ring of 3D printed Sterling silver, combined with charcoal.
We deliver this ring with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 9 mm
Material 925 Sterling silver

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