Language of Light Ring

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  • Contains channeled symbols with Cosmic Origin
  • Channeled by Wieteke Koolhof, given by Aryun of the Yahyel
  • Every symbol has a unique effect on the Subconscious
  • Hand Polished
  • Durable and Strong
  • Made of 3D Printed Brass or Sterling Silver
  • Inlaid with Shungite or Glow in the Dark
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language of
light ring

A sacred ring we make of brass, silver and charcoal. The ring contains channeled symbols with Cosmic origin. They’re given by Aryun of the Yahyel (in cooperation with the Pleiadians), channeled by Wieteke Koolhof of Design4Awareness.
Every symbol has a unique effect on our subconscious. But you can also use them consciously with intention. These symbols are also seen as the language of light, symbols with a high frequency.

What is the Language of Light?

First we need to understand what light actually is. Light is information. The opposite, Darkness, is the lack of information.
Light contains sacred codes of creation. These codes can alter energies, and thus realities. For this reason the Language of Light can only be accessed through the vibration of Love. Some also call it the language of the soul.

It’s such a powerful divine transformative language, that works on multiple dimensions. Powerful enough to restructure and realign your light body. Which may heal many parts of you.

This divine language has many forms of expression. For example, the symbols we use in this ring. But it can also be expressed through sound.
The sounds differ from animal sounds to clicks and pulses. But also from tones and songs to spoken dialects.


As a child, Wieteke Koolhof was given the language of light as symbols. Back then she did not know what these symbols mean and could mean for other people.

Now, she and her guide Aryun (from the extraterrestrial Yahyel civilization) can retrieve the necessary information and make art with the downloaded symbols. Coincidentally, we met her beautiful art a while ago. We were strongly inspired and we have entered into a collaboration. This resulted in the creation of this beautiful ring.
Our craftsmanship, her art.

How we make the Language of Light Ring

We make the Language of Light Ring of 3D printed brass and 3D printed Sterling Silver.
Inlaid with the gemstone Shungite or blue Glow in the Dark powder.
We deliver this ring with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight N/A
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 8 mm
Material Brass, 925 Sterling silver
Inlay Glow in the Dark, Shungite
  1. Anne

    Wat is mijn ring prachig geworden! Hij past precies! En hij werd ook best snel geleverd. Ik ben er super blij mee!

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  2. Pauline

    Deze mooie ring draag ik al een aantal maanden en hij blijft mooi en bijzonder. Zit heerlijk, je voelt hem bijna niet.

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  3. Brother Bo

    Sebastiaan is simply a wonderful seller. Prompt shipping! Easy to deal with & cordial communications. This ring has been placed on my ring finger & it allows me to connect to the everlasting Akashic Records of light through my heart chakra to & all others to Source inside & send the high resonancy outward to where it’s most needed at this time of higher vibrational light & love ascension. Seller offers a wide selection of items to choose from with top notch service! Superb! Source is never wrong as there is no wrong or right. There is just blissful existence. My thanks & my blessings to you & yours my fellow Gaian. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay blessed in the Creator’s light. All is well. All is calm. All is peace. All is Source light Creator. Brother Bo ??? BANDS Together – Blessings, Ayu’bo’wan & Namaste in the Dharma’s Shanti

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    Image #1 from Brother Bo
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  4. S (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | nlNetherlands

    Werkelijk prachtig!! Helemaal naar wens. Mooi groot stevig en prachtige symbolen die mooi zijn ingelegd.

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