Language of Light Ring 1.0

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  • Contains channeled symbols with Cosmic Origin
  • Channeled by Wieteke Koolhof
  • Every symbol has a unique effect on the Subconscious
  • Made in EU
  • Hand Polished
  • Made for you when you order
  • Durable and Strong
  • Made of 3D Printed Sterling Silver
  • Inlay option: Shungite

language of
light ring

We created the Language of Light Ring from silver with a Shungite inlay (the ‘non-inlay’ edition of this ring can be found here). This ring displays channeled symbolthat originate from a painting by Wieteke Koolhof (Design4Awareness). When tuning in with these – you may find that each symbol has a its own unique effect on our subconscious mind. You may feel an attraction to one specific symbol – or even notice how your preference shifts per day or depending on different phases in your life.

With the integration of these symbols in this form – we created a tangible anchor point for these energies, that can be carried close to you at all times. This way you can tune in with your favorite symbol(s), whenever you feel like it.

What is Light Language?

The word Light Language is commonly used nowadays in the New Paradigm movement, referring to symbols that represent all kinds of higher dimensional energies or frequencies. Light contains information. It carries within itself the sacred codes of creation. These codes can alter energies, and thus help in the creation of new realities. When such symbols resonate with you and if you feel an attraction to them; connecting with them in our physical reality can function as a powerful permission slip / tool.

Any physical representation of such energies allows us to really integrate them (in our own dimension) in a playful manner – allowing us to uplift ourselves through the translation of these higher dimensional frequencies. Not only can this be a lot of fun, but it also gives us the opportunity to take in the beauty and elegance that is often contained in such artistic representations.

Such objects then, begin to function as a type of symbolic ‘anchor points’ in our dimension. Helping us to remember our own Cosmic connections, whatever form you feel these may have for you. You can find Light Languages nowadays expressed by many, as (e.g.) songs, spoken word, drawings, paintings, wood carvings or as shown here; in a perfectly designed ring, custom made for you.


Wieteke Koolhof experienced multiple ET-visitations throughout her life. Growing up, writing and drawing were some of her favorite ways to process these things, as this helped her ‘see these things from a higher point of view’.

As her conscious connection with the ET-beings further developed – she found herself receiving numerous Light-Language symbols along the way, often in dreams. In 2016 she painted a work titled “The Galactic Shift” (see images). Back then she did not expect that the symbols on it would resonate with so many people later down the line. After sharing her painting online as a picture – she would receive ongoing requests from people to buy it / get a copy or see a selection of the symbols outlined in some other way.

Coincidentally, we met with her beautiful art a while ago. We too were strongly inspired and so we decided on a collaboration. This resulted in the creation of this beautiful ring. Our craftsmanship, her art.

What’s in the box?

1. Pick your Material

Sterling Silver

2. Inlay


3. Added extra’s

Jewelry Pouch Lots of Love

Extra Info

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 8 mm
Material 925 Sterling silver
Inlay Shungite

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Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) Ring Size EU
16.00 50.27 16
16.30 51.21 16.25
16.51 51.87 16.5
16.92 53.16 17
17.45 54.82 17.5
17.97 56.45 18
18.53 58.21 18.5
19.10 60.00 19
19.51 61.29 19.5
20.02 62.89 20
20.44 64.21 20.5
20.94 65.78 21
21.49 67.51 21.5
22.10 69.43 22
22.60 70.99 22.5
23.06 72.45 23
23.47 73.73 23.5
23.87 74.99 24


Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) Ring Size US & CA
15.70 49.32 5
16.10 50.58 5.5
16.51 51.87 6
16.92 53.16 6.5
17.35 54.51 7
17.75 55.76 7.5
18.19 57.15 8
18.53 58.21 8.5
18.89 59.34 9
19.41 60.98 9.5
19.84 62.33 10
20.20 63.46 10.5
20.68 64.97 11
21.08 66.22 11.5
21.49 67.51 12
21.89 68.77 12.5
22.33 70.15 13
22.60 70.99 13.5

Sizes may vary due to tolerance.

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