Guri Maya Ring


  • Inspired by Guri Bori and the old Mayan step pyramids
  • Has a connection with the Mayans, the Stars and our Extraterrestrial Friends
  • Durable and Strong
  • Made of 3D Printed Sterling Silver
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mayan step pyramids and
guri bori

This design is inspired by the old Chinese forging and cutting technique Guri Bori and the old Mayan step pyramids.

The technique, Guri Bori, is quite similar to Mokume Gane. Which is a japanese forging technique.
It was used from the Song dynasty (960 AD) to the Ming dynasty (1368 AD). Since it’s such an old technique, it was almost forgotten. Luckily this beautiful technique has a great come back.

Guri Bori is basically soldering all kinds of layers of different colours of metal on top of each other. After that, they cut away parts of the layers in elegant figures. As a result, this creates a beautiful wood-like patterns in the metal. This technique originated in the Tibetan village of Guri.

Unlike Guri Bori, the very similar technique Mokume Gane, originated in Japan. It’s a technique that Master swordsmiths used to create samurai swords.
They believed that the soul of the Samurai was inside the sword.

Mayan step pyramids

The ancient Mayan temples are known for their special step pyramids. Remarkably, their pyramids are aligned with the stars. Just like the Ancient Egyptian pyramids of Giza. What perhaps is less known, is that the Mayans had a lot of contact with extraterrestrial life.
Many artifacts found are found that clearly indicate that they had a strong connection with our extraterrestrial friends.

Unlike what many believe about the ancient Mayans, they had remarkable knowledge.
They had the knowledge to turn mercury into gold. During excavations many large mercury basins were found underneath the pyramids.
When the Spaniards arrived for the first time in America, they discovered the Mayans had huge amounts of gold. They have, of course, plundered all their gold. But they didn’t understand where the gold came from, since they couldn’t find any gold mines.

How we make the Guri Maya Ring

We’ve used the stacking of layers of their step pyramids in the design of this silver ring. As a result, this creates a beautiful landscape on the ring.
We make the Guri Maya Ring of 3D printed Sterling silver. Fun fact: The nickname of Mercury is Quick Silver.

We deliver this ring with a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give it as a gift.

Extra Info

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 9 mm
Material 925 Sterling silver
  1. Manon

    Ik ben al gedurende een hele tijd op zoek naar een bijzondere ring. Een ring die past ook in de fase waarin ik nu als mens zit. Diepe transformatie en verandering. Dan kom ik de Guri Maya Ring bij Sebastiaan tegen. Ik ben in de gelegenheid hem ter plekke even te mogen dragen en voelen. Ik vind gelijk het ontwerp heel erg mooi en sierlijk. Iedere keer weer als ik er naar kijk, zie ik iets anders. Ja en dan stem ik af op de energie van deze mooie ring. De ring bevestigt de sterke connectie die ik heb met piramides. Het bijzondere is dat ik hem draag aan mijn wijsvinger. De energie van de ring wijst me op dit moment ook op de stappen die ik mag zetten op mijn pad. Het pad waarin er veel contact is met buitenaardsen. En ook met de kennis en wijsheid van vroegere tijden, zoals in de tijd van de bouw van de piramides. Dus een Ring naar mijn Hart. Bring me Home Manon

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  2. purpletomorrow

    Thank you for prompt shipping

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  3. Marloes (verified owner)

    Het is een hele mooie en gedetailleerde ring. Ik draag deze met veel plezier!

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