Double Infinity Ring – Outlet

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  • Represents the relation between beginnings and endings
  • Celtic Look and Feel
  • Hand Polished
  • Made of 3D Printed Sterling Silver of Titanium
  • Durable and Strong
  • Previous method used for Blackening (as pictures)


The infinity symbol (∞) is probably one of the most famous symbols. But not many people know that this symbol is ancient! It can be traced back to the roots of the ancient Indian and Tibetan cultures (4th–3rd century BCE). The Double Infinity however, is a bit of a mystery.

The symbol is best known for its unbounded and infinite sum in Mathematics. John Wallis introduced this symbol for the first time in 1655. And since then, it has been a very important part of the foundation of mathematics. Besides Mathematics, people also use it to express eternal love, strength or the cycle of life. Just like the Ouroboros.

The Ouroboros is described as a snake eating its own tail. It is part of the Ancient Egyptian culture, since it’s seen for the very first time in their culture. It represents the relation between beginnings and endings. One cannot exist without the other, creating an everlasting circle.

Double Infinity meaning

The double infinity, however, also has several meanings. But it’s up to you which meaning resonates with you the most.
According to some, the Double Infinity has its origin from the Ying Yang. Each loop forms a part of a lotus, representing the body’s chakras and the soul’s energy intertwined. Meaning combined together, they represent human life.

Some say the double infinity represents equilibrium or balance, limitlessness, or absolute perfection.

Others see it as the infinity of space intertwined with infinity of time, creating an infinite space-time vacuum and infinite realities.

In any case, it also resembles the Celtic knots a lot. Which have no beginning and no ending either. They represent eternal and limitless possibilities.

What’s in the box?

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Blackened Silver

2. Added extra’s

Jewelry Pouch Lots of Love

Extra Info

Weight 11 g
Material 925 Sterling silver, Blackened Silver, Titanium
Finishing Blackened

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