Divine Love Star Wall Decal II

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  • Based on the Divine Love Star
  • Sticks to almost any flat surface
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • A life span of 5 years or more (under normal circumstances)
  • High Quality Vinyl
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divine love star
wall decal ii

“Dress” your wall with our Divine Love Star Wall Decal II!
This Wall Sticker is based upon our Sacred Geometry as seen in our Divine Love Star.

The Divine Love Star is a very powerful sacred geometric object.
The geometry of the three-dimensional object has a very strong, positive effect on our energy systems.
Mainly the heart chakra (4th chakra), the third eye (6th chakra) and crown chakra (7th chakra).

The Geometry of the Divine Love Star

Of course we’d love to explain you how we designed the geometry of the Divine Love Star.
For the mathematicians among us, the Divine Love Star is based on a dodecahedron. Which is one of the platonic solids.

On the planes of the dodecahedron, we added points with a decagon as its base. Between those large points are smaller points with a hexagon as its base with the golden ratio (Phi, Φ). We’ve also added small pyramids to it with the ratio of the Pyramids of Giza½, 1, Φ triangle ratio).

For the Divine Love Star Wall Decal II and the Divine Love Star Wall Decal I, we use the 3D model and make a 2D projection.
As if you’re looking at the shadow of the Divine Love Star.

How to use it

The Divine Love Star Wall Decal II is made of high quality vinyl, which sticks to almost any flat surface.
This sticker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has (under normal circumstances) a life span of 5 years or more.

Need help applying it to a wall? Here’s our tutorial!

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