Buckyball Pendant

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  • Represents the most primitive form of Creation and Destruction
  • Can be seen as the blueprint of Carbon-Based Lifeforms
  • Expansion and Contraction, Yin and Yang
  • Made of 3D Printed Brass, Gold Plated Brass or Sterling Silver


A Buckyball or Buckminsterfullerene is a special type of Carbon (C60) that breaks almost every rule in Chemistry. Its structure is one of the Archimedean Solids; the Truncated Icosahedron.

The name Buckyball comes from Buckminster Fuller, this man discovered the Vector Equilibrium.
However, it got its name a year after the death of Buckminster Fuller. Buckminster made many geodesic domes with the shape of Buckyballs, but at that time that shape hadn’t been found in nature yet. After scientists discovered it in nature and in Space (against all expectations), they named the C60 molecule to Buckminster Fuller.

C60’s Unusual Properties

The Buckyball has some very unusual (physical) properties that baffles scientists.
Buckyballs are extremely stable, strong and can withstand very high temperatures.
It is also known as the heaviest molecule that can behave like a particle and a wave at the same time, just like photons (Light particles) do.

Buckyballs are found throughout nature and Space, it is even found in Interstellar Space. Interstellar Space is the space between stars, what most people call the vacuum.
Scientists knew there could only be molecules found in Interstellar Space with one to ten atoms per molecule. But there is the Buckyball with its 60 atoms per molecule, defying logic.

Not only that, but they’re also found around dying stars. Normally every heavy molecule gets destroyed by the radiation and heat of the dying star. But instead of being destroyed, it seems the dying star creates Buckyballs. This means that Buckyballs have been floating around in Space since the birth of the Universe.

But Buckyballs also have an effect on Carbon Based Lifeforms.
In 2012 some scientist did an experiment with C60 in oil. They gave this oil mixture to rats, which prolonged their lifespan significantly. However, C60 is very sensitive to light. If it is exposed to light, the oil becomes toxic and creates a massive increase in the risk of developing cancer (tumors) after consuming it.

Spiritual Meaning of the Buckyball

The Buckyball represents the most primitive form of Creation and Destruction.
Creation starts with the Buckyball and ends with it. So, it can be seen as the blueprint of Carbon-Based Lifeforms to which consciousness can attach itself to. Continuously expanding and contracting, a beautiful balance, Yin and Yang.

It resonates with many different dimensions and it can help you shifting your consciousness to different dimensions.
You may also tap into the energies of creation and destruction to lay a path for yourself, which you wish to walk.

What’s in the box?

1. Pick your Material

Gold Plated Brass
Sterling Silver
Rose Gold Plated

2. Optional to add

Wax Cord NecklaceA high quality black Wax Cord Necklace of 76.2cm (30"). This black wax cord will go well with all materials and can be cut to your desired length.
Sterling Silver NecklaceA trace Chain Necklace made of Sterling Silver. This necklace has a thickness of 1.5mm and has a nice length of 50.8cm (20"). Its end thickness is 3mm.

3. Added extra’s

Jewelry Pouch Lots of Love

Extra Info

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 22 × 25 × 21 mm
Material Raw Brass, Brass, Gold plated brass, Rose Gold plated brass, 925 Sterling silver

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