Angelic Star Wall Decal

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  • Based on the Angelic Star Pendant
  • Sticks to almost any flat surface
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • A life span of 5 years or more (under normal circumstances)
  • High Quality Vinyl
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angelic star
wall decal

“Dress” your wall with our Angelic Star Decal!
This Wall Sticker is based upon our most powerful healing tool, the Angelic Star Pendant.

Over the years, the Angelic Star Pendant has provided many remarkable healings and personal growth to so many people. We had cases that people went in complete healing trances upon touching the pendant. Others had the feeling of finally coming home.

Now you can bring this powerful healing energy into your home. As a guardian Angel watching over your home.

The Geometry of the Angelic Star Wall Decal

So where does this sacred geometry come from? In short, it is derived from our newly discovered sacred geometry. Sacred geometry as never seen before. Some have called it the sacred geometry of the new age, or the new earth.
We’ve discovered it by “playing” with the Ancient Flower of Life. Not with its 2D shape, but with its 3D shape. With spheres instead of circles.

As a result, we’ve discovered it by accident. But the geometry we’ve found, was 2D.
We used this 2D drawing for this awesome wall decal.

How to use it

The Angelic Star wall decal is made of high quality vinyl, which sticks to almost any flat surface.
This sticker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has (under normal circumstances) a life span of 5 years or more.

Need help applying it to a wall? Here’s our tutorial!

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Weight N/A
Color Black, White
Size 12 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm
  1. Jan


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  2. Anastasia Beliaeva (verified owner)

    nlNorth Holland, Netherlands

    Love the star, so peaceful, bought it in white , my husband absolutely loves it too! We hang it above our bed

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  3. Rheama (verified owner)

    usUnited States

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  4. sandy (verified owner)

    beFlanders, Belgium

    Magical <3 Love it!

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