sacred geometry

Besides Sacred Geometry Rings and Pendants, we also offer matching earrings!

Our Sacred Geometry Earrings are one of a kind! They’re 3D printed, assembled by hand and match perfectly with our rings and pendants.
They’re, just like the others, sacred geometric instruments, which we make portable in the form of healing jewelry. So if you consider purchasing a set, make sure to take a look at our matching rings and pendants. You might end up with more than just one instrument of ours 😉

Just like the pendants and rings, they cover different aspects of spirituality, energy fields and sacred geometry. We keep designing more and more of those wonderful instruments, so make sure to check once in a while!

And since they’re so unique, they can’t be found anywhere else. Except for our retailers of course.

We ship all our jewelry with nice a linen jewelry pouch, ready to give as a gift.

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