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sacred creation

Of course, what is a brand without having its own collection? As we’ve explained in this blog about sacred geometry and numerology, our logo contains beautiful sacred geometry and numerology.
So we thought it would be an awesome idea to use our Sacred Creation logo for jewelry as well. As it turns out, it looks stunning.

But what does our logo mean?
The design of our Sacred Creation logo consists of three Equilateral triangles, each with three sides. Which are tilted 18 degrees from each other.
These three triangles, together create the Master number 333 and 9.

So our logo contains the Master number 333 and 9. But what is so special about about these numbers?
There are a few remarkable coincides with this Master number.
For example, the frequency threshold of the fifth dimension. Every dimensional density has a frequency range. The frequency threshold of the fifth dimension is 333 kHz. When our consciousness starts vibrating at this frequency, our body slowly becomes nonphysical.

For us, these Master numbers mean the connection between the different dimensions and realities. But also the bridge we build between those dimensions with our sacred geometric instruments.
If you want to know more about these numbers, you should definitely read this blog.

Why you should wear our logo

It helps people to become more aware. Meaning we can accelerate our global ascension process.
This way we can keep doing what we love to do, our mission.
But besides that, it also gives off a sign, or a vibration to the universe.
It tells the universe and extra-dimensional beings you want to have contact with them through those Master numbers.
Besides, it helps our brand Sacred Creation grow.
So it’s a win-win. An equal exchange from which we both can grow.

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