Our designs from this collection are inspired by the world famous Atlantis Ring. Unlike our designs, the original Atlantis Ring is made from a kind of earthenware or pottery. This ring was found in the King valley in Egypt by Markies d’Agrain, a French Egyptologist, somewhere around 1860. The ring was completely different compared to all other Egyptian items that were found. According to Markies this ring did not come from the Egyptians, but from their predecessors; The Atlanteans.

The power of the Atlantis Ring

It didn’t take long for them to discover the extraordinary powers of the ring. They discovered it when various accidental striking events took place in the vicinity of the carriers of the original ring, or its replicas.

It was peculiar enough that they started researching the ring, by means of radiesthesia (shuttling). The results were baffling. It wasn’t the ring whom possessed such a strong power, but it was the symbol on it. The symbol on the ring emits a very strong protective energy. So strong that it even bends negative earth rays and protects the environment of the ring carrier. Even a rough sketch on paper of the symbol already has a protective effect.

The Atlantis ring is thus not an amulet, talisman, fetish or a sacred medal from the popular belief, nor an esoteric object.
It does not get its strength from matter (sandstone, gold or silver) but from the geometry.

Howard Carter

An interesting story about the Atlantis Ring is the story of Howard Carter. Howard Carter is a world famous archeologist who discovered the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amon back in 1922. During his expedition Howard wore a replica of the Atlantis Ring. Not long after the discovery of the tomb all the other 17 expedition members died, except for Carter. People called it The Curse of King Tut.

Nowadays researchers say the members died because of the viruses and bacteria found in the grave of King Tut. But even with this explanation Howard still got away safely. Many years later Howard died of natural causes in 1939.

Our Designs

There are many different designs of the Atlantis ring. But the power of the ring is in the symbol. We have incorporated this remarkable symbol into new unique designs. Such as our unique Atlantis Bracelet.

Our Atlantis Bracelet and ring is in combination with the rare gemstone Larimar.
Larimar is also called the Atlantis stone or the dolphin stone, because the stone is strongly connected to Atlantis and contains dolphins energy. This makes the energy of the stone playful and joyful.

By wearing one of our Atlantis Designs (Atlantis Ring or Atlantis Bracelet) you let the Atlantean Ascended Masters know that you’re willing to receive and bring back the Ancient Knowledge to the New Earth Grid.

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