When you order something from us, you leave your personal data with us. Logical. Because we need that to process your order.
But we can imagine that you want to know exactly what we do with your personal data, because your privacy is important. And we will tell you that!

All data that you leave with us are safely locked behind a digital lock with one of the most modern techniques; the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When a website or webshop uses this technique, you will see a nice green lock on the left of your address bar.

We handle your details with care! We will therefore never sell your data to others. We also give you the opportunity to see what information we have stored about you. And on request we can also remove it for you from our system.

We use your personal data for processing your order. For this we need your e-mail address, your address(es), payment details and sometimes also your telephone number. With this information we can deliver your order and keep you informed of the status of your order.


It’s also possible to create an account on our website. Your personal details are stored in your account so won’t have to enter them next time when you place your order. Nifty!
Do you want to delete your account at a later time? That’s possible! Send us a message and we will remove it immediately for you!

Customer Service

You can call, email or send messages via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
In order to help you properly, we use your data that you have entered for example with an earlier order.
All messages you send to us are also kept safe to serve you faster and better in the future, but also to improve our service.


You can subscribe to our newsletter. This way you stay informed of our products, news and developments. Do you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter? At the bottom of every newsletter there is a link with which you can easily unsubscribe from our newsletter.


We love reviews! And other customers of us too! But most people forget to write those awesome reviews. So for this, we send you a single reminder after you’ve received your product. To write a review you need an account, or an e-mail address and your name.
Your email address is not visible to others, just for us to verify that it is a real review.

When you send us your review, it will be published on our website, so don’t leave any sensitive data in your review.
Like to change or delete your review? Then send us a message!

Cookies you can’t eat.

Cookies. We have all heard about it, but what are they?
Cookies are small, simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you use our webshop or website. But why do we do so?

There are many different cookies. For example, cookies are used to ensure that the website functions properly. Like remembering your shopping cart or checking out. These are functional cookies.

Then there are analytical cookies. These cookies are used for analyzing the use of the website by users, this tracking and analysis of the use is completely anonymous.
We analyze our webshop so that we can improve our webshop for the benefit of our users.

Finally, there are social media cookies from third parties. Think for example of Facebook and YouTube. If you want to watch or like a video from YouTube on our website on our blog, a cookie is needed.

If you do not want your browser to store cookies, you can indicate this in your browser settings. By default, it is set that cookies may be placed, you can disable this. But this may cause that our website and webshop no longer function properly.

Every browser has its settings, below are the most used browsers. Click on one of the browsers below to go directly to the manual of your browser.



Internet Explorer



It is of course important that our privacy statement remains up-to-date. That is why we change our privacy statement from time to time.
Therefore check our privacy statement every now and then.

We last updated on: 11-29-2018

Third parties

Sometimes it can happen that third parties have to be involved for the processing of your order (seldom happens). But when this happens, we only provide the information necessary for processing your order. We also demand that the third party handle your data just as carefully as we do.

Questions and feedback

Noticed a mistake or do you have a question about our privacy statement? Shoot us a message!

Extended Privacy Statement

Would you like to receive a detailed Privacy Statement from us? That is possible! Below is a download button for our extended Privacy Statement.
In this document we explain in detail what kind of data we collect, how we collect it, why and what your rights are. So it’s important to read it!

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