Larimar is a rare sea blue gemstone. It can only be found in one place on earth, in the Dominic Republic.
It is also known as the Atlantis stone or the Dolphin stone. This is because it resonates strongly with Atlantis. But it also contains the dolphin energies. This makes the energy of this stone playful and joyful.

Larimar makes you conscious of the fact that you’re the architect of your own life. You’re capable of manifesting anything you desire.
It shows you that life has no boundaries except the ones you create. The stone heals the connection between thinking and feeling.
Resolving negative thoughts and inner conflicts. But also an unclear mind and traumas. It gives spiritual strength and guides the soul back on its path.

This stone also makes contact with angels and other dimensions. For this reason, its the perfect stone for new age children and starseeds.

Of course, it also has a positive effect on the physical body. It enhances the lungs, throat and chest. But also the heart and cartilage.

Larimar is pretty new in the US, Europe and Asia. But the Native Americans and the people of the Dominic Republic, know of the existence of this natural material for a while now. They used this stone for amulets and talismans for protection. Larimar would scare away angry spirits and would protect the user and its family for deadly diseases and natural disasters.

Larimar got its name from Miguel Méndez. He discovered in 1974 on a beach this beautiful blue stone. He took his young daughter’s name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea (mar) and formed Larimar.

Larimar resonates with the throat (5th) chakra.

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