In Dutch, brass has the nickname yellow-copper. This is because it’s an alloy of copper and zinc, creating a yellowish metal.
It’s the perfect metal for parts that have to endure high friction. Such as gears, locks and musical instruments.
We use this metal a lot for our instruments, since it’s easy to 3D print. But also for it’s beauty.
It’s a beautiful yellowish metal that is easy to work with. Besides it’s many times cheaper than gold.

This alloy is known to mankind since the prehistoric times. It was discovered even before zinc was discovered.
At that time, copper was melted together with a kind of zinc ore. Once merged together, they got brass. So it was discovered by accident.

Up to this day, about 90% of all brass is recycled. So there is a good chance that your instrument consists of recycled material.

But of course, brass also has an effect on the energy. It brings out the inner truth and clears up the old rubble in you.
It stimulates the immune system and gives you courage. This metal is also sensitive to energies. Over time this metal will copy your energy signature.

Tip: Brass can stain the skin green/blue, especially with rings. No worries, this is due to the sweat and is not harmful.
This is something to consider when you want to order a ring in this material.
A simple solution to this is to apply some nail polish on the inside of the ring.

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