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We regularly receive questions, but often those questions are quite similar. That’s why we thought it would be useful to answer those frequently asked questions here. Then it is no longer necessary to wait for an answer!

If you still would like to hear an answer directly from us, you may of course just ask your question 😉


On the product page it says: Made to Order. What does that mean?

Some products we do not have in stock because there are many different sizes. That is why we make that product to order. The production time usually takes 2 – 4 weeks.

Do I need an account to place an order with you?

No need, but it might come in handy!
Of course, you can always choose to checkout as a guest.
The advantage of an account is that your details will fill in automatically when you place your order next time.

I want to change my account details, where can I do so?

You can change your details on your personal account page, but you must log in first to be able to make any changes.

I have a coupon code, how can I use it?

You can enter your coupon code in your cart or during checkout (at the top of the page you will be asked if you have a coupon code).

What payment methods do you have?

With us you can simply pay with iDEAL, PayPal, SOFORT, SEPA bank transfer, credit card and more.

From what amount are the shipping costs free?

From €150 the shipping costs are free!
However, you must check the free shipping checkbox during the checkout process.

What are your delivery times?

If the product is in stock, we will usually ship your order the same business day or the next business day, but within 3 business days at the latest!

The exact duration of the delivery period depends on the shipping company and the country to which the parcel will be shipped.
We ship all our packages with PostNL.

Within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany they deliver your package on average between 1 – 3 business days. Within the rest of Europe between 2 – 15 business days, outside Europe it takes at least 3 business days up to 18 business days.

How long does it take to backorder?

Backordering usually takes 2 – 4 weeks, depending on how much finishing the ordered product needs.


How do I know my size?

Ordering the right size is of course important!
That’s why we have created a size guide with instructions so that you can learn what your size is.

Because when it comes to jewelry, size does matter.

Can I have something custom-made?

Yes of course! You can read more about it on this page. We’ll explain you in detail how we work.
Making something customized does take more time, keep this in mind!

And, of course, returning the custom-made jewelry is not possible.

Please read our General Terms and Conditions.

Can you resize my ring?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Despite the fact that we work a lot with jewelry, we don’t have the tools and skills (at the time of speaking) to change the ring size of existing rings.


What materials do you use?

We work with different kinds of materials, but mainly brass, bronze, silver, gold and gemstones.

If you want to know exactly which materials we use in which products, you can look at our materials page. There we explain in detail what kind of materials we use and what the energetic effect is. 😉

Is everything 3D printed?

Yes! and no…

Many of our products are 3D printed, with some of our jewelry being finished by hand (for example, the gems are placed by hand).

And when the products are not 3D printed, they are usually laser cut 😉

So you can make 3D models and drawings, can I hire you?

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How do I take care of my jewelry?

It’s a shame, of course, if your jewelry wears out faster than it needs to. That is why we have some nice tips to keep your jewelry beautiful as long as possible.

  • Try to avoid water contact. Do not wear jewelry during the dishes, shower or swimming.
  • Avoid contact with cleaning products. Cleaning products can contain corrosive chemicals which can harm your jewelry.
  • Avoid contact with perfums, lotions, make up or any other products in this family.
  • Take care when dressing and undressing. Put jewelry on last, or take it off first.
  • Do not lift heavy objects while wearing your ring, it might damage your ring.

Bronze, brass and silver can become dull after a while, this is a natural (rust) process of the material.
The gloss can simply be restored by polishing it up with lemon juice and water. A night in a bath with water and lemon juice can also make a big difference.

For earrings it is sometimes good to disinfect the hooks.
To disinfect, use for example:
– Tea trea oil
– Colloidal silver water
– Alcohol

Help my ring leaves a green / blue stain!

Brass and bronze contain a lot of copper and can therefore leave green/blue stain on the skin, especially with rings.
Don’t worry, this is due to your sweat and is not harmful.


I received a damaged or wrong product, what now?

Oops! That, of course, wasn’t our intention. We pack your package with great care, but there is still a chance (unfortunately) that something goes wrong.
Send us a message and we will take care of it for you! 😉

Why is there not a return form with my order?

If an order is not returned, the return form is unnecessary. That is, of course, a waste of paper and trees.

If you still want to return your order, you can download the return form and print it.

I have a complaint, where can I submit it?

Aii that’s a bit of a pity!
Send us a message with what is going on and we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

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