• Rose of Venus and Number 13 on Rocks

    The Secrets of Number 13 and Sacred Geometry

    In our Numerology blog we've explained how Numbers are connected to Sacred Geometry. We've mainly talked about the magical Number 9. But we haven't brought the Secrets of Number 13 to light. So that's what we'll do in this blog. Let's dive in! Number 13 and Bad luck Most people know number 13 as the [...] More
  • Spiritual Meaning of the Ankh

    The spiritual meaning of the Ankh

    The spiritual meaning of the Ankh The Ankh is an ancient symbol. Like many symbols, the Ankh does not have one fixed spiritual meaning. The sacred geometry of the Ankh can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the movement and zeitgeist in which you look up the symbol. The spiritual meaning of the Ankh [...] More
  • Is Sacred Geometry Good or Bad?

    Is Sacred Geometry Good or Bad?

    We usually prefer to focus ourselves on the higher and lighter frequencies. But we’ve noticed that some people are (getting) scared of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Numerology because it is being used by Secret Orders with low frequencies. Such as the Deep State, Cabal or Illuminati. They therefore, assume that Sacred Geometry and Sacred Numerology [...] More
  • Twin Souls and Soulmates

    Twin souls and Soulmates: what’s the difference?

    We are all connected to each other with our hearts. The idea that we are all one is also called Unity Consciousness. Despite that unity, there are still special connections between people, souls. These are also called twin soul connections or soulmate connections. There is, so to speak, a special match between those souls, which [...] More
  • Mary Magdalene Earrings

    The Magical Mary Magdalene

    History Mary Magdalene... through the church stories, she was portrayed as a prostitute. In yet other stories, she was a High Priestess to mystery schools, including the Temple of Isis. It is no coincidence that Mary Magdalene is associated with the primordial feminine power. She was also called apostola apostolorum, the apostle of the apostles. [...] More
  • Atlantis in Sea

    Atlantis: Times of Great Transformation

    Atlantis: A Rich History Atlantis... it captures the imagination. It is also called the Sunken Island or the Sunken City. Atlantis was inhabited by an ancient civilization, the Atlanteans. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the island 350 years BC. Plato is considered to be the one who passed on the story of Atlantis. Back [...] More
  • Extraterrestrials and Sacred Geometry

    Extraterrestrials and Sacred Geometry

    Extraterrestrials, ET's and Aliens. We've all heard of them at some point. And with the coming disclosures, many more people will hear about them. But what do they have in common with Sacred Geometry? In this blog we’ll show you how Extraterrestrials are connected to Sacred Geometry, just like everything else is. If you’re completely [...] More
  • Spiritual Meaning of the Platonic Solids

    The Spiritual Meaning of the Platonic Solids

    In this blog we'll dive into the Spiritual Meaning of the Platonic Solids. Since Sacred Geometry has a positive energetic effect on us, so do the Platonic Solids. Each and every Platonic Solid can assist you in a different way on your spiritual path, but they all have one thing in common. They’re the most [...] More
  • Platonic Solids as Building Blocks

    Platonic Solids as Building blocks

    Like we’ve mentioned in our Platonic Solids Blog, the Platonic Solids are the building blocks of our Physical Reality. And the amazing thing is, these building blocks apply on almost every scale, from the microcosm up to the macrocosm. Just like Thoth once said: “As Above, So Below”. We’ll take you on a journey from [...] More
  • Platonic Solids Dodecahedron in Nature

    The Secrets of the Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry

    You might have heard of them before, the Platonic Solids. Mysterious shapes which every Sacred Geometer talks about. We even shortly mentioned them in our first Sacred Geometry blog. But what are they really? What kind of secrets do they hold? In this multi-part blog we’ll unfold the secrets of the Platonic Solids. Let’s dive [...] More
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