Who is Nassim Haramein?

Nassim Haramein was born in Switzerland in 1962. He had an awakening experiencing as a young boy where, in his mind’s eye, astral traveled out of his body to the depths of our solar system and out of our galaxy observing every celestial object turning into a single dot. This experience led to his life long journey studying the fundamental geometry of hyperspace and the universe. His research is universal and connects to multiple schools of thought and incorporates universal principles with scientific discoveries. His work is in essence a combination of cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology and metaphysics. The study of ancient civilizations, and their scriptures and sacred geometrical architecture have laid a foundation that is making way for continuous discoveries to the true nature of humanity, how and why we exist on this planet.

As he studied nature and the universe, Nassim began to find a fundamental geometry to creation; which led to his Unified Field Theory. This theory coupled with all the research conducted by his organization The Resonance Project is utilizing sacred geometrical equations and frequencies to create technologies that are able to assist humanity in awakening to their highest potential The scientific and logical explanation that Science provides for sacred geometry and metaphysics creates educational information that can be widely accepted by those who are not yet conscious to the awakening process humanity is currently going through. The implications of Nassim Haramein’s work are limitless, in that these equations, theorems, and awareness have the potential to shift the current Earth paradigm into one that embodies unity consciousness and harmony.

The study of space time, black holes and the fabric of the universe are crucial in our understanding of the human condition and the endless possibilities and abilities we have as a species. Sacred Geometry holds a special place within this revolution in consciousness. It has been hidden in plain sight for all these years waiting for the moment we were ready to rediscovery it and ourselves.

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