Seed of Life Sacred Geometry & Extraterrestrials

Drunvalo Melchizedek pioneered a lot of information that is now circulating in relation to sacred geometry symbols such as the flower of life and the seed of life. He goes on to state that the seed of life represents the seven days of creation. We see the representation from the seven days of creation in other ancient scriptures as well. One other occurrence is within the Sumerian Scriptures of the 7 Tablets of Creation. The seven tables represent the seven days and the home planet of the ET race, known as the Annunaki, that were spoken of in the 7 tablets of creation was the 10th planet in our solar system… exactly 7 planets away from Earth. The connection between the seed of life and the 7 tablets of creation and 7 days of creation exists within the bible in that God, Elohim, had created life in 7 days. It has been debated that Elohim was actually the Annunaki from the 10th planet Nibiru.

However, Elohim translates to English as the God of Saturn. So if these beings are from Nibiru and not from Saturn then why is it not another deity instead of Elohim? The Sumerian scriptures state that the Annunaki had an outpost in the rings of Saturn and used it as a middle ground between themselves and the other resource filled planets, such as Earth, within our solar system.
The seed of life symbolism further continues with a depiction during the second stage, where the first two circles intercept, as the Vesica Piscis. The Vesica Piscis is an ancient representation of the Kabbalah, new age wisdom and also within Christian art and text. Freemasons would also use this symbol in masonic rituals. Christians also used the seed of life as the Sperical Octahedron and Tripod of Life which are additions of circles at different stages of creation. The levels of mitosis are also depicted here as the beginning cell structure at the inception of life within a woman’s womb.

Ultimately, the seed of life consists of mathematical properties that change at each stage. Each of the results that are derived from the equations and intersections of circles are universal numbers that can be attributed to the basic building blocks of matter within this dimension. Main stream science has also backed up these metaphysical claims due to the advancement in technology that is allowing us to view the universe on a quantum level. Seed of life sacred geometry is the premise for the flower of life… the matrix of existence and continues to fractal off into the depths of creation… forever expanding and providing a platform to experience infinite selves.

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