Sacred Geometry Chakras

Root Chakra Geometry


An aligned root chakra embodies a sense of creativity and security with oneself. It is the chakra of the NOW moment. Being fully aligned within this energy center will provide the individual with an ever present and expanding sense of the NOW.

Sacral Chakra Geometry


When the Sacral Chakra is in pristine alignment an individual will have a clear sense of personal boundaries, support themselves and others unconditionally and harmoniously. The sacral chakra is connected to our sense of sexuality and ultimately contributes to sacred sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra Geometry


The positive outcome of aligning this energy center will show a constructive form of self-expression. Emotions are processed accordingly and in a healthy fashion. If this chakra is out of alignment an individual may feel depressed and disappointed, expectations may not have been met.

Heart Chakra Geometry


The heart chakra is known as the ‘seat of the Divine Self’ also referred to as Atma. An aligned heart chakra will provide the individual with a sense of bliss, peace and harmony; that emanates from the heart. On the physical level, the heart chakra is connected to the lungs (breathing) and heart health.

Throat Chakra Geometry


The throat chakra presents an opportunity to speak your truth, be insightful, transparent and compassionate with your words. It translates your deepest thoughts into verbal articulation. If the throat chakra is overactive conversations may lack substance and there may be underlying insecurities that are asking to be addressed.

Third Eye Chakra Geometry


The third eye processes cosmic consciousness and integrates it into physical gifts and qualities such as psychic abilities, clairvoyance and imagination. This energy center represents a sense of knowingness. A knowing of one’s self and one’s purpose within the cosmos.

Crown Chakra Geometry


This chakra is governs spiritual awakening, connecting to higher dimensions of consciousness and enlightenment. It is a pure connection to source energy and the entry point for this energy to disperse to all the other chakras. An individual with an active crown chakra will feel a sense of connection and understanding. The presence of the divinity of the cosmos is always prevalent in all actions and brought forth into all situations.