Metatrons Cube



Metatron was the Arch Angel mentioned in the Book of Enoch and the Book of the Palaces. He is the only Arch Angel that was originally human. He was Enoch and the seventh patriarch after Adam. In Jewish scriptures, Metataron is said to have lead the children of Israel out of the wilderness. He is the first and last Archangel and supervises all angels and records all human deeds in the book of life. He is the bridge between humanity and the divine.

The Metatron’s Cube, also known as the fruit of life, is a derivative of the Kabbahlastic Tree of Life. The tree of life was taken out of the human experience when humanity fell from the Garden of Eden. The Metatron’s cube is a portal to access the knowledge that the tree of life holds, while we are in this dimension.

The truth of the ancient text lies more than what is shared within Christianity and Judaism. There are many parallels in these stories that are metaphors to how humanity is able to use Sacred Geometry based equations and mathematics to reach a level of awareness. Eastern philosophy calls this experience enlightenment. Enlightenment through meditation on Metatron’s cube ignites a remembrance and awareness of our divine connection and opens us up to the secrets of the universe.

All sacred geometrical platonic solids fit within Metatron’s cube as it is the overseer and encompasses all geometry.

Metatrons Cube Sacred Geometry